Classic Flavors

Dozen $39.00 

*Cupcakes can only be purchased by the dozen

Red Velvet

Yes... the red southern favorite.  A velvety smooth buttermilk based cake topped with cream cheese and a delectable edible sugar kiss.

Very Berry Lemon Drop

A zesty lemon cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting and a raspberry lemon drizzle.

Suggah Rush

A succulent vanilla cake topped with a smooth vanilla buttercream icing then coated with rainbow sprinkles.

Chocolate Spice

 A rich chocolate cake perfectly paired with a fluffy chocolate spiced rum whipped cream topping.


*Contains Alcohol*

Key Lime

A mouth watering lime flavored cake iced with cream cheese frosting the garnished with fresh shaved lime.

Strawberry Bliss

A fresh and fruity favorite.  A silky strawberry cake presented with a strawberry air-whipped topping.

Supreme Flavors

Dozen $42.00 

*Cupcakes can only be purchased by the dozen


A refreshing coconut flavored cake paired with real pinnaple infused buttercream topping then lightly dusted with nutmeg.

Cookies and Cream

An irresistable vanilla cake blended with fresh oreos cookies and cream iced with buttercream frosting  and crunchy oreo pieces.

Mint Chocolate Chip

A rich chocolate cake topped with mint flavored buttercream and chocolate chip frosting then beautifully garnished with fresh mint.

Orange Bliss

A moist citrus flavored orange cake topped with a delectable orange sherbet cream cheese frosting presented with a fresh orange rind.

Ice Cream Sundae

A yummy neopolitan themed cake with strawberry buttercream frosting , chocolate syrup drizzle then finished with peanuts and rainbow sprinkles.

Wedding Toast

An elegant vanilla wedding cake perfectly paired with a champagne infused air-whipped italian meringue buttercream.


*Contains Alcohol*